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Jensen Building Ltd. remains the recognized name for high quality General Contracting for all industrial, commercial, and institutional building ventures in the South Eastern Ontario Region, since 1960.

Utilizing the latest in technology, advanced construction methods and proactive management, we leverage our experience, together with strong industry relationships on behalf of our clients and the resultant project invariably exceeds expectations.

We clearly understand that any client who decides to launch a major building venture is making a large financial investment and shouldering significant risk. Our mission at Jensen Building Ltd. is to align our interests with those of our clients’ with the result being the delivery of the exact building requirements, within the specified timeframes. Being able to achieve these markers, while still delivering quality construction and exceeding financial objectives has set Jensen above the rest.

Jensen Building Ltd. approaches all projects with great enthusiasm regardless of size or complexity. They revel in unique and first time or one-of-a-kind projects where their experience and skills will be demonstrated. Jensen Building Ltd. considers all ICI General Contracting opportunities up to $25 Million in size.

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