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Management is more than a company’s employees. It includes the supervision of all facets of a project. Some of these are: resources, risk, and budgets, engineers, subcontractors and business alliances. Jensen Building Ltd.’s management style represents a steady positive influence on every member of the team. On-site workers know that everyone’s safety is of prime importance and that their input regarding site operations is welcome. Safety and open communications are important elements of excellent management style.


Communication must be direct, clear and concise while schedules must be complete and flexible. Through regular progress meetings and centralized reporting you will see your goals being achieved on time. Technology plays a key role. All privy parties (Clients and key contract personnel) receive schedules and reports and other relevant information through the use of the industry’s most current software packages.  When information regarding the progress status of the project is modified, this information is immediately updated and key personnel informed. Dependant on project size and complexity, Jensen Building Ltd. facilitates weekly project review meetings. The Client is kept up to date and fully informed about the progress of their project and given opportunity to make comment and observation about the work plan utilizing this process.


Project financing, availability of materials and equipment are crucial elements that present a significant challenge on any construction project. Jensen Building Ltd. draws on experience, professional business relationships and current business and construction technologies to mitigate these risks. During the scoping and estimating phase all expenses are considered and available for review and discussion. Fluctuations occurring during the construction phase such as resource scheduling, materials and equipment availabilities, local and regional permit releases are considered. Ongoing resource planning and baseline analysis ensures that your project data is up to date. Jensen Building Ltd’s clients always know exactly how their project is progressing. As a client of Jensen Building Ltd., you will be able to deal with the myriad of facts, figures, considerations and decisions with confidence. Jensen has the financial capability to undertake any project up to $25 Million.


Technological advancements are the cornerstone of the Jensen Building Ltd. methodology. We use several software packages to achieve the best results, by utilizing technology, Jensen is on the cutting edge of estimating and bid/cost analysis, enabling us to consistently capture the best solution, while maintaining the quality we are known for. The entire building process (including inter-actions among key build-out factors) are considered, analyzed and reported in real-time. Every individual who has a vested interest in the project can have input on detailed and accurate centralized progress reports or see scheduling changes instantaneously. Fast, on time and accurate, high quality reports provide excellent visibility for your project success. In addition to business tools integration, Jensen makes use of the newest and most appropriate construction methodologies. Using the most current and appropriate materials, building processes and design techniques ensures your investments will retain their value over the long term.


Jensen Building Ltd. will align itself with you to best achieve your requirements. Whether it be Design/build, project management or fixed price Jensen is well poised to handle your Project. Jensen Building Ltd. will leverage its keen understanding of cost-estimation and creative building experience to ensure you receive the best available solution. You will have cost certainty and Jensen will, through strategic partnerships, astute management combined with delivery and construction excellence, make it happen.

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