Project Access


Right from the start of your project, Jensen management becomes part of your team. When you choose Jensen Building Ltd., you will gain all the benefit of our experience, use of advanced technology and building concepts and the professional alliances we have developed and maintained within the complex and diversified construction industry. One such example is the successful application of the Canam (Murox) Building Systems. We have found a quality product that is not only flexible to a project’s design requirements and client needs, but also is cost and time efficient.

Building on our 40+ years of experience, we not only construct projects, but also assist in the design phase and provide value engineering to deliver cost-effective projects without sacrificing quality. Larger scale construction is a highly fluid exercise, fraught with schedule impacts, cost and time constraints and unavoidable obstacles. Our experience enables us to take on these obstacles and overcome them expeditiously and often anticipate them and deflect them before they are able to impact the Project.

While we are primarily focused in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors, we have significant experience and demonstrated proficiency in multi-residential projects as well.

Whether you are seeking base-building renovation, tenant fit-up or full scale building construction, Jensen has the capability and resources to deliver your project on time and on budget.

As we continue to grow into the future, we remain focused on the fundamentals that have formed our foundation, including:

  • use the most current technology (business and construction)
  • partner effectively with clients and Professional associations/alliances
  • use state of the art design/build methodologies
  • forward-manage projects to anticipate challenges and ensure we meet deadlines and budget considerations

If you are contemplating a project in the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional or multi-residential sectors, contact us to learn about how we can assist you.

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